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About this site

This site was started in 2004 to create a platform for the thoughts of Rogier 'Hrodger' Kranenbarg about Contemporary Germanic Heathenry and related religious and philosophical issues. In the early days this consisted mostly of some blogs, links to interesting websites and articles and a small collection of self written articles about the theory of the three brothers and etymological findings. The list of articles has grown a little and I plan to add many more to that list. Furthermore, I plan to write about my particular views and how they differ from the paths like Asatru, Theodism and others.

Way back...

...when I registered this domain in 2004, I had small plans. A blog about heathenry, named after the Old Frankish word for just that; heathenry. Heithanissa was born and it stayed as such for some time. After a good few months I wrote my very first article, about the three brothers and I suppose that's when things started to change slightly. Ever since, I've been focusing more on writing articles and more so, exploring my own Heathen path and way of thinking. I started to steer slightly off the path that is so often walked in contemporary Germanic Heathenry and I ended up with my nose in books about Comparative Studies of Indo-European Religions.

This side-step forced me to take a few steps back and re-evaluate the choices I had made and also reconsider my own faith. I had taken a path that leads to a rather different way of approaching Germanic Heathenry, although the similarities are great as well. Yet, this new approach could also be taken from a Celtic point of view, a Greek or Veddic way, it sort of seems to fit all sides. It extends to the core of Indo-European religion and culture and it embraces the foundation that can be found in the large amount of documentation of Germanic Heathen ways and traditions. It is a form of contemporary Germanic Heathenry that tries not to focus on rites, names and magics, but one that focuses on the life of a Heathen. It forms a guideline into being a better man or woman, embracing the knowledge and essence of our own ancestors and to know our place in this world.

This is done by following the Trifunctional Order that is present in all Indo-European religions. A tripartite that focuses on the following elements:

This triad is countered by the essence of Nature; Mother Earth, the female spirit, Life.