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Heithanissa is a website about Contemporary Germanic Heathenry. It's main difference with other forms of Germanic Heathenry being that it approaches the faith from a comparative Indo-European stance, focusing mainly on the Trifunctional Order present in all Indo-European faith. It is therefore partly tritheistic and relies heavily on comparative studies, with it's core founded in Heathen lore.

The site has been around since 2004, with ups and downs in activity depending on real life. It contains several articles and thoughts on modern Germanic religious beliefs as well as Indo-European studies on culture and religion as well as more personal opinions, links and resources and what not.

Latest updates

news   |   may 20th '13

Online Rune tool: TTR

I've added an online rune reading tool, just for the fun of it. Have a look at the section Runes or click here to go straight to the section.
heithanissa   |   may 7th '13

An Introduction to Heithanissa

Added a new article: An Introduction to Heithanissa. A small introduction and overview of the beliefs that name this site; Heithanissa. A first step into outlining and writing about my beliefs rather than articles focusing on lore.

Trifunctional Heathenry Whenever I meet up with other Heathens, I like to discuss heathenry in the broadest sense. Yet when we get down to the nitty-gritty, I am often told my views are... well a little different from the 'norm' if there is such a thing in Heathenry. As suggested by some of my friends, I've written a brief outline of my beliefs and why it differs from say Asatru. I've tried to keep it as brief and general as possible, focusing on a general overview rather than an in-depth exploration.

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news   |   april 26th '13


I've just added the ability to add comments to articles. This will hopefully make the site a little more interactive and gives you the option of contributing information and/or ask questions. Hope you enjoy.
article   |   april 25th '13

New Article: Origins of Ostara

Added a new article: Origins of Ostara. A small study on the origins of this goddess with the hope of understanding this celebration better.

Ostara Ostara. A name that we still use in modern English for Easter, instead of the more Christian Passover. Our Germanic ancestors celebrated her festival on the fourth lunar cycle, called Ostermanoth, which is usually slightly later in the year than the Christian Easter, which is celebrated after the first full moon after the spring equinox. Ostara has gathered quite a following and popularity in neo-pagan circles as well, having her linked to the celebration of that same spring equinox. But what do we really know of her?

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article   |   april 23rd '13

New Article: Huginn & Muninn

Added a new article: Huginn & Muninn. A closer look at the ravens that accompany the All-Father.

Huginn and Muninn If I had to choose what I found the most amazing bit in our lore, you know the gun-to-your-head kind of choosing, I'd probably go with the image of Huginn and Muninn. I can't really say 'the myth of Huginn and Munnin' as it's not even a myth, it's a mere mentioning of, a line in a long work, a hint of a concept in Grminismal. Yet, to me it's perhaps the best kept secret in Germanic heathenry. Let me tell you why.

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article   |   april 22nd '13

New Article: Christian influences

Added a new article: Christian Influences in Contemporary Heathenry. A small look at how one can recognize and possibly let go of Christian influences and traditions.

Donars hammer There is something that I've come across a couple of times in certain heathen paths and groups; the 'unlearning of Christianity' as way of initiation or introduction to heathenry. The basic idea here is that, if you wish to walk a heathen path, one has to first unlearn the ways you might have been raised with to start 'fresh' (which for a lot of people means letting go of Christianity). A not so odd concept if you think about it. It's there to make sure you have a clean view on what is heathenry and don't fall back into old patterns that you were raised to believe in?

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news   |   april 21st '13


It's funny how things turn out sometimes. I wanted to refresh the website and have started numerous articles that grew quickly into larger articles which just take more time. To find a place for quicker thoughts and rants, I decided to start a blog. I intended this blog to become a place for 'quick' thoughts and issues, but these small rants became larger and larger and formed articles...

So I decided to just add these blogs to the site as articles. It's sometimes odd how inspiration finds you way. Sometimes one just needs the spark to let it flow out with ease.
news   |   march 29th '13

Website update

To get this site back on date again, I've added social media and made the whole site responsive to your browsing preferences. That means it should now be as nice to read on a mobile device as it should be on any computer, whatever the screen, as well as vertical tablets (my own preference for e-reading). If there's any problem with your experience, please let me know. I value the user experience a lot and want to make it as enjoyable as possible for you. Now, to write some new content ;)